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FAA Aicraft Registration
Who owns this aircraft?
Wisconsin BOA
Wi BOA Staff Directory as of 2014 BOA Staff
Gayle Stearn - WI BOA Engineer  
Mary Strait -  WI BOA Funding  
Mark Pfundheller  
Hal Davis  - WI BOA Compliance  
James Lager
AWOS Maintenance
DBT Services
cell 952-657-8390
Brad Volker at Cooper Engineering,
Rice Lake, WI
Design and manage airport projects  (Runway resurface, lighting, fence, AWOS)
Temporary Flight Restrictions Map
4R5 Flight Tracker
Minnesota Aeronautics
Zulu Time same as GMT
Madeline Time
CST Time = Zulu - 6 hrs
CDT Time = Zulu -5 hrs
Notams are reported in Zulu times
2400 Z is 1800 CST or 6pm CST
Current NOTAMS listing  Enter airport identifyers  ( 4R5, KASX, etc) Good idea to see what Ashland is doing too  KASX
FSS NOTAM filing
say "Wisconsin" when prompted Flight Service will answer.  You want to file a airport notam for "4 Romeo 5", Major Gilbert Field.  They will ask for your initials ie Papa Golf, Bravo Sierra, or Lima Papa.  When completed they will give you a Notam # for you to log - required!

1-703-723-4588  NOTAM Services Personel List
NOTAM Guide FAA NOTAM Guidelines 53 pages
1-800-WX BRIEF 
This is how pilots call for pre-flight briefings, and open & close flight plans. 
Phonetic Alphabet Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Joliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oscar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey X-ray Yankee Zulu
Time Conversion CST & CDT to Zulu Time Conversion CST & CDT to Zulu
Airport Lighting Equipment
4R5 Hangar Lease 4R5 Hangar Lease
4R5 Industrial Lease 4R5 Industrial Lease
Airport Fees 2022 Fees   2020 Fees    2019 Fees    2018 fees    2017-2018 Fees      2016-2017 fees 
Hangar Lease Reate 2022 $0.59/sq ft
   Hangar Lease Rate 2021 $0.548/sq ft
2020 was $0.54/sq ft, 2019 was $0.528/sq ft,    2018 was $0.518/sq ft,  2017 was $0.507/sq ft of building footprint
Airport Map Google Earth      Google Maps    MapQuest
Airport Map 2 Hangar map-2.pdf    Hangar Map Numbered.pdf
Airport-Town_Property_map AshlandCountyWI_map.pdf
Hangar Map Hangar map-1.pdf
911 Sign   
Airport Funding Petition Letter
Airport Height Limits Map S11ZONING 4R5.pdf
NTSB accident reporting
Cirrus Parachute Safety Video  View here
Emergency Personnel Information

Aircraft with Airbags, Inflatable Seat Belts & Parachute Systems
First Responders.pdf
Current AWOS Reporting
ASOS Source Data??
Zulu Time
CST Time = Zulu - 6 hrs
CDT Time = Zulu -5 hrs
Ashland Airport Manager KASX BILL MOORE - KASX Manager
Phone 715-682-7070
Cable Airport Manager  3CU MIKE NICHOLS - 3CU Manager
42905 Telemark Rd, PO Box 248
Cable, WI 54821
Phone 715-798-3240
New Richmond Airport Mike Demulling, Mgr
Sawyer County Airport
Burnet County
Monthly Report Monthly_report.pdf       Monthly Report Word version
Hangar Owners Hangar_Owners.pdf
Car Parking Permits Car Parking Permits.pdf
Parking Permit Extended Parking Permit 2019
Link to test survey GONE
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July 30, 2018

August 14, 2019

May 14, 2020

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